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As of 2024, Daniel Thomas Katz, also known as the Big Cat, net worth is around $3 million. 

This television personality, American journalist, and podcast, better known as” Big Cat,” is a well-known sports figure in the sports world.  For his witty personality and deep passion for sports, Big Cat has made a unique place in the sports industry. “Pardon my take,” the widely popular podcast, has made Dan a household name in the sports world. 

How Much Is The Big Cat Net Worth?

According to the reports, Dan, “The Big Cat,” the net worth is roughly $3 million. He is now one of the most successful and popular podcasters in the sports world. In 2003, Barstool Sports started its journey, and now this company is worth millions. Dan Katz co-hosts the popular podcast “Pardon My Take,” where he talks about sports with humorous notes.

Per every episode, Dan takes a $300,000 salary from Barstool. Through this episode, Dan shares accurate sports news and sports talk shows sarcastically. He also engages with his huge fandom through different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

SL#Year Net worth
12024$3 million
22023$2 million

Dan Katz’s Personal Life

The real name of “Big Cat” is Daniel Thomas Katz. He was born on January 30, 1985, in West Newton, Massachusetts. There is no information about his family, as he is very secretive about this issue. His childhood was well spent in Chicago.

He attended Newton North High School and graduated in 2003. For a University degree, he went to the University of Wisconsin and completed his degree in journalism and marketing in 2007.

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Name DanielThomas Katz
Industry nameThe big cat
Birth date January 30, 1985
Zodiac SignAquarius ♏
Birth PlaceWest Newton, Massachusetts, USA
Education Newton North High School, University of Wisconsin
Net worth $3 million
Height5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

Barstool Big Cat Wife

Though Daniel is not married but happily in a “live-in relationship” with his secret girlfriend, “The Lady Cat.” He doesn’t share much about her, but it is known that they live in Chicago, Illinois.  Together, they had a son,” Lil Cat,” on June 19, 2019, and a princess on May 21, 2023. The girl’s nickname is yet to be revealed. 

Dan Katz” The Big Cat” Career

From a young age, Dan showed interest in sports. He started his career by writing a sports blog, working as a journalist, and attending different sports talk shows. It was then that Erika Nardini, chief executive officer of Barstool Sports, recognized his talent and offered him a job.

Dan started as a journalist and an executive producer, then gradually appeared on different podcasts. In February 2016, “Pardon My Take” was aired, where sports were represented with comedy.

Katz developed his nickname “The Big Cat” in this comedian podcast and started co-hosting with PFT commenters. Soon this podcast became the most listened-to sports podcast worldwide. Thus career with Barstool Sports going smoothly to date.

Then in December 2018, Dan started another podcast, “The Corp,” with Alex Rodriguez to conduct interviews with athletes and business executives. He also made guest appearances in shows like “Men in Blazers”, “The Dan Patrick Show,” and “PFT Live.” 

Controversies With Barstool

As usual, the Barstool company walks with several controversies. But the most talked about one was the inappropriate comments on NFL countdown host Sam Ponder by the barstool president, Dave Portnoy, in 2017.

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In that comment, Dan Katz was dragged. He was tagged as a misogynist at that time. This led to a huge public feud among the company and ponder. It was then raised about how women were treated in sports media and how the environment affected them. 

Big Cat’s Social Media

Being a podcaster and YouTuber, Big Cat is very active on every social media platform.

  • Instagram: He has 3,138 posts and 916K followers on Insta.
  • Rumble: He has 5.05K Followers there.
  • Youtube: He has 254K subscribers on YouTube. He posted 3.1K videos there.
  • TikTok: He got 640.5K Followers with 28.3M Likes on this platform.
  • X: On X, he has 568K Followers.
  • Facebook: On FB, Barstool Gambling has 62K likes with 234K followers.


Is Big Cat a millionaire?

Yes! Big Cat is a millionaire. He runs many ventures that include podcasting, sponsorship, merchandise sales, etc. All his projects are worth him to be a millionaire.

How much did Big Cat make on the Penn national deal?

Penn Entertainment made its first investment in Barstool Sports in 2020. Penn spent $551 million in February 2023 to take full ownership of Barstool Sports.
Penn purchased the website back from Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy in August 2023 for only $1. In addition, Penn will get 50% of all future sales or revenue generated by Barstool.


This is all about the famous comedy sports podcaster, the Big Cat’s net worth, and his lifeline. Do knock us if you have a query for other celebrities in our blog post. Till then, stay happy and healthy. 


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