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John H Ruiz Net Worth

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As of 2024, John H Ruiz’s net worth is $1.9 billion. According to Forbes Journal, his net worth was in 2023, $1.5 billion.

John H. Ruiz is the owner and CEO of LifeWallet. In 2021, this company achieved $14.6 million in sales. LifeWallet was rebranded from MSP Recovery in 2023. It was famous for filing a worker’s compensation or auto claim.

He transitioned to class action practice after working as a personal injury attorney. Then, they focused on the issues in the healthcare insurance system. As a consequence of his efforts, his firm has grown to be worth millions of dollars. This Florida-based court attorney is also known as one of the “2020 power lawyers.”

What Is John H Ruiz Net Worth 2024

Though we don’t have the data for 2024, in 2023, it was 1.5 billion. It is predicted that by 2026, the amount will go up to $50 Billion.

Year Net worth
2024$1.9 billion
2023$1.5 billion
2022$80.85k billion

John H Ruiz Career

John’s career shows devotion, strategy, and revolution. Ruiz began his career as a personal injury and class action. After a short time, the firm evolved into a pharmaceutical company.

In 2014, MSP Recovery was formed. This business handles various Medicare and Medicaid claims, as well as technology. Many workers profited from this company since it assisted them in receiving compensation after filing a claim.

The presence of attorneys and software engineers is critical to the firm’s success. They seek to collect and reclaim any improper insurance payments on behalf of their customers.

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The SPAC program increased the company’s worth by $33 billion. Ruiz also invested in various players, like basketball star Nijel Pack. With him, the price is $800,000 for two years.

This former TV lawyer gained great popularity in Miami’s Spanish-speaking community as an authority in foreclosure law beginning in the summer of 2023.

He recently signed a multibillion-dollar agreement to take his insurance recovery business public.

He also purchased the firm that manufactures Cigarette speed boats. His 22-year-old son has been chosen CEO of this corporation. He has also recommended funds for a new University of Miami football stadium.

John H Ruiz’s Personal Life

He’s a nice son, father, and mentor to his family. In every interview, he refers to his family as a special part of his heart. His parents had inspired him throughout his life, and he swore to transmit that motivation to his three children. 

Ruiz’s father is diligent, intelligent, and determined, while his mother is very loving. In 1966, his parents moved to the United States for a better life. Since then, the Ruiz family has continued the heritage.

Ruiz was the first in his family to attend college and law school. He has a daughter and two sons, all involved in the family company.

Name John H. Ruiz
Net worth$1.9 billion (2024)
FatherEmeterio Ruiz
Mother Nelida Ruiz
Wife Mayra Ruiz
Children Alex RuizCristy RuizJohnny ruiz
ResidenceCoral Gables, Florida, USA
EducationDoctor of Jurisprudence, Nova Southeastern University; Bachelor of Arts, University of Miami
Source of wealth Healthcare services
Personal WebsiteJohn H. Ruiz

John H. Ruiz’s Remarkable Achievements in Law and Business

John is a very famous lawyer, and he has been awarded “2020 Power Lawyers” by Lawyers of Distinction for healthcare law accomplishments.

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Legal Career Accomplishments

  • Over 30 years of legal experience, nationally recognized in various legal areas, including class action, mass tort litigation, and more.
  • Achieved a landmark victory in MSP Recovery Claims Series v. Ace American (11th Circuit).

Famous Cases

  • Championed the rights of over 30,000 Miami-Dade County residents in a class-action lawsuit against the Florida Department of Agriculture.
  • Represented consumers in a class action against Firestone, settling for over $30 million.
  • Advocated for families in a wrongful death suit against Chalk’s International Ocean Airway.


Who is John H Ruiz CEO?

John H. Ruiz is the CEO of the LifeWallet, who started this company and has been the President and CEO since the beginning. He was recognized as one of the “2020 Power Lawyers” by Lawyers of Distinction for his achievements in healthcare law.

Who is the CEO of MSP recovery?

John H. Ruiz is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MSP Recovery.

Who Is John Ruiz’s Wife?

John Ruiz and Maribelle Ruiz got married in 2000, and they are happy Coppel.


It was all about the hard-working Florida-based attorney John H. Ruiz and his net worth. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about celebrities’ lives and net worth. Till then, stay safe and healthy.


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