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As the creator of and host of the famous sports podcast show named “Bob Does Sports, he is ought to be a very important figure in the world of sports inspiring young people.” Robby Berger is a well-known sports presenter. His net worth exceeding for over 5 million, while his show’s net worth is 15 million.

By writing various content circling the area of sports and hosting sports-related events on his show, he gained popularity.

As a host, he is known as “Bobby Fairways.” He hosts a podcast named “The Brilliantly Dumb Show“. He also hosts an offshoot show, “Bob Does Sports.” Bob Does Sports is popular on Instagram.

Robby Berger Net Worth Summary

His show is extremely popular on social media and among sports fans. He shows the world that passion and hard work can take you to the top of success, whoever you are or whatever you do. Working with honesty is all that matters. 

12024$5 Million++
22023$5 Million

Who is Robby Berger?

Robby Berger is a social media influencer and entertainment personality. He was born in Randolph, New Jersey on March 8, 1992. Currently, he is living in Miami, Florida.

He is a comedian, and his show focuses on comedy with sports. In his videos, he featured many sports people as well as his friends.

Before achieving fame, he was an employee of a hotel who was also passionate about sports. He uses his sense of humor and profound knowledge of sports through social media.

Robby Berger’s Profile and Biography

Robby Berger, previously known as “Brilliantly Dumb” in social media, showcases his talent through many platforms. He podcasts about the lifestyle and personalities of minor celebrities on his platform, “The Brilliantly Dumb Show,” and gains a huge fan base.

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He invited his best friend, “The Fat Perez,” to stay in his house, and they documented many videos together. He documented it on Instagram in August 2022.

He recorded many videos with his buddies, like Joseph Demare, Binyamin, and Nick Stubbe on his YouTube channel. He also has a dedicated fan base there. Those videos are full of humor, sports and spending quality time with friends.

NameRobby Berger
NicknameRobby Berger
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1992
Birth PlaceRandolph, New Jersey, USA
Zodiac SignPisces ♏
Net Worth (2024)$5 Million
OccupationsHost of @bobdoessports and Host of @thebrilliantlydumbshow
High SchoolLincoln Trail CC
Social MediaInstagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook
Height5 Feet 9 inch

Is Bob Does Sports Married?

He was in a long relationship with Loren Pacheco. She is a blogger and golfer. Robby posts many photos with her on his Instagram account. But unfortunately, their relationship ended in the winter of 2021.

Robby Berger’s Education

He studied at Lincoln Trail CC High School. He didn’t complete his graduation and dropped out of college to do a job in the “Four Seasons” hotel.

Robby Berger’s Career

His career is full of enthusiasm for sports, especially golf. He started as a doorman and was promoted to manager in a famous hotel, “Four Seasons.” He worked there for 2 years.

Meanwhile, he was posting videos on his Insta account, Brilliantly Dumb. Then, he had 250 thousand followers. Then, to attract sponsors for his show, he faked that Windex sponsored him. He continuously faked it for a year.

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This marketing strategy actually works. After a year, Robby got his first sponsor, Yamaha.

He was always a big fan of Barstool Sports. After a while, a manager from Barstool Sports DM him, to join with them. But at te same time, Horseneck Media offer him to join with them.

Then, he started to make videos with his friends. Those videos hit the audience, and his page was growing really fast. In just 2 years, his financial condition has thoroughly changed, and he is making lots of money now.

Though all of his shows’ income is very vast, but is divided among his friends who are contributing to him. So, his personal net worth, page, and shows net worth are different.

Success Story

Robby Berger came across a long road to success just by using social media. From a doorman of a hotel to a multi-millionaire content creator, his success story is remarkable.

  • At the very beginning, he was a doorman at the “Four Seasons Hotel” in 2019.
  • He was promoted to manager in the following year.
  • Then, he left his job in 2021 and concentrated on podcasting in “Brilliantly Dumb Show.”
  • Now he has 2 different shows about sports.
  • Various brands, like Callaway, Celsius, DraftKings, Corona, and Daily Fantasy Sports, sponsor his shows.
  • He also does cameos in many ads that contribute to his earnings.
  • Day by day his shows are getting lots of sponsors and growing audience.
  • His YouTube channel @Bobdoessports has 669K subscribers and 271 videos.
  • He has 46.7K Followers on X.
  • He has 1,428 posts and 889K followers on his Instagram profile @brilliantlydumb.
  • He also has 834 posts and 556K followers on his other Insta profile @bobdoessports.
  • On his personal Facebook profile, he has 2.2K friends.
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Despite gaining success in a very short time, he is a down-to-earth person and lives a very simple life. He doesn’t like to spend money on luxury cars or expensive outfits. He enjoys his time with his friends and live his life to the fullest.

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