Scrooge McDuck Net Worth: Exploring the Riches of Scrooge McDuck

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According to Forbes, Scrooge McDuck’s net worth is around  $65.4 billion. That makes him the wealthiest fictional character. He even beat Iron Man and Bruce Wayne.

However, in a comic during the 1970s, he said if he were to lose 1 billion dollars a minute, he would be broke in 600 years. Despite his vast wealth, he often avoids unnecessary expenses, which often leads to humorous situations in the story.

He shares the same yellow-orange beak, legs, and feet as his nephew Donald Duck. He usually carries a top hat, pince-nez spectacles, a red or blue frock coat, and different colored spats.

Scrooge McDuck Jr.’s Net Worth Summary

It is said that Scrooge has over  $20 trillion in gold. So, as the gold prices rise, his wealth will rise automatically.

In 2007, Forbes had estimated Scrooge’s wealth. It would have been $28.8 billion at the time. In 2011, due to the rise in gold prices, Scrooge McDuck’s net worth rose to $44.1 billion. In 2010, Forbes published an article saying that Scrooge’s estimated net worth was $33.5 billion.

22023$65.4 billion
32011$44.1 billion
42010$33.5 billion

Who is Scrooge McDuck?

Created by Carl Barks for the Walk Disney Company, Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character. Scrooge is a Scottish-born American Pekin duck. He was created in 1947.

He had been portrayed in the cartoon talking in a Scottish accent. They initially thought of using it only once. It is one of the most popular characters written in Disney Comics and Bark’s signature work.

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NameScrooge McDuck’s
Date of Birth1867
Created byCarl Barks
First appearanceDecember 1947
AliasBuck McDuck, Dagobert Duck (Germany and Dutch), Patinhas (Portuguese)
Birth PlaceCity of Duckburg
OriginGlasgow, Scotland
Net Worth (2024)$33.5 billion.
OccupationsBusinessman and treasure hunter
SchoolNot mentioned
Current ResidentCity of Duckburg

Scrooge McDuck’s Personal Life

Scrooge McDuck’s personal life is full of adventure, family bonding, business, and humor. He is a rich and colorful character of Disney.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland. His Scottish heritage plays a vital role in his character development. He is the oldest of his 3 siblings. He has 2 younger sisters. Their name is Matilda and Hortense McDuck.

He lives in the City of Duckburg, which is also the home city of Donald Duck, Huey, Duewe and Louie. In Duckburg, he has his famous Money Bin and mansion.

His nephew is Donald Duck. Donald Duck is a classic Disney Cartoon character who first appeared in the Silly Symphonies Cartoon. Named “The wise little hen” in 1934. 

He met Glittering Goldie during his adventures in the Klondike. That makes him fall in love with. However, their relationship was complex and was not consummated.

Though he is portrayed as a miserly character, he has a strong principle. He always appreciates hard work and honesty. Beneath a rough exterior, he has a soft golden heart, which is revealed occasionally.

Along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck and Pluto. He is a member of the “Sensational Six.” He is featured in various Comic strips, animated shorts and Television series.

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One of the most well-known series featuring Donald Duck is known as the animated series “Donald Duck”. Produced by Disney, it includes various animated shorts. 

Donald Duck has been a prominent character in other short series. That includes Mickey Mouse-related series or movies like “Ducktales” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. 

Scrooge McDuck’s Education

Scrooge never completed a formal education since he left school early. Having a sharp mind. He is always ready to learn new skills.

Scrooge McDuck’s Career

Scrooge McDuck is both a businessman and a treasure hunter. He is known for his drive to set new goals and face new challenges. “There is always another rainbow” is how Carl Barks described his character.

He has a sharp business sense, an adventurous spirit, and the quest to increase his fortune.

As a businessman, he often shows aggressive tactics. He has gained a significant ability to manipulate people and events. Scrooge is noted for his cynicism towards ideals of morality when it comes to business and goals. In his long time career, he has done several types of work. Such as:

  • His first work was as a shoe shiner when he was very young.
  • At 13, he works as a cabin boy on a Clyde cattle ship that sails to the United States.
  • When he arrives in Klondike after a series of adventures, he discovers a golden rock the size of an egg.
  • After earning his first $1 million, he purchased the Killmule Hill deed.
  • During the Klondike Gold Rush, he was involved in gold mining.
  • He owned and operated many Gold and Copper mines.
  • He was engaged in many charitable works.
  • He made strategic stock and many financial investments.
  • He mentored his grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
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Scrooge McDuck is a fascinating fictional character at that. Being one of the wealthiest fictional characters, after all. He is known for his adventurous character.

He always tries to increase his wealth and protect it from his rivals. He is indeed a lovable character of Disney. If you have any other queries, make sure to visit our site. Our team will always be ready to find your best answer.


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