Tanner Houghton Net Worth 2024: The $90 Million Secret Journey

Tanner Houghton net worth

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Tanner Houghton is an American entrepreneur who belongs to the Houghton family. His parents are Steve Houghton and Jennifer Houghton. Steve is a renowned businessman and CEO.

What is Tanner Houghton Net Worth?

Tanner Houghton likes to keep his life private as much as possible. It is unclear what his net worth is. But his father, Steve Houghton, has around 90 million in net worth.

As a successor of his family, Tanner will be one of the heirs of that massive amount of wealth. Despite having a background of a wealthy family, Tanner works hard to establish himself as a worthy son of Steve Houghton.

Who is Tanner Houghton?

Tanner Houghton is the third child of Steve Houghton and Jennifer Houghton. They are 5 siblings. Those are 

  1. Tiffany Houghton (30),
  2. Steven Houghton (32),
  3. Tanner Houghton (27),
  4. Sam Houghton (16), and
  5. McKenna Kate Houghton (14).

Tiffany Houghton, Tanner’s sister, is a well-known singer from America. 

Tanner is an internet security expert. He works to keep his clients safe on the internet. This is another reason why he has to keep a low online profile. That’s why he is very hard to find. His personal information is unavailable on the Internet. As far as we know, he is still not married to anyone.

Tanner Houghton Educational Background

Tanner completed his graduation in Economics from the University of Chicago. He started his career as an investment banker. Later on, he built his career as a machine learning engineer.

Tanner Houghton Social Media Account

Tanner has an Instagram account, but it is private. Though he has 10 posts and 3,996 followers, there is nothing to show the world.

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What does Tanner Houghton do for a living?

Tanner Houghton is a machine learning engineer. He works in SafeXai.

What does Steve Houghton do for a living?

Steve Houghton is the CEO and chairman of Houghton Capital. It is a private company focusing on finance, self-storage, oil and gas. It is an investment boutique.


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