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Andrew Tate Net Worth

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As of 2024, Andrew Tate’s net worth is $710 million. But Romania’s crime organization currently claims it is nearly $12 million. 

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer champion now considered the wealthiest self-made social media influencer. His YouTube channels, TATE CONFIDENTIAL and TataSpeech are the most searched and viewed worldwide. Apart from these, he is a successful businessman. Let’s find out more about this “Top G”.

What Is Andrew Tate Net Worth?

There is some controversy about the net worth of this internet star. Tate has claimed himself as the first trillionaire and stated that his net worth is $100 million. Still, according to the official report published by Romania’s organization (DIICOT) in 2023, his net worth is not more than $12 million.

Andrew is now awaiting trial in Romania on charges of sexual exploitation of women, rape, and human trafficking. 

Andrew Tate’s net worth (Estimated)

SL#Years Net worth
12024$710 million
22023$700 million

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew was born in Chicago, USA, on 1st December 1986 and grew up in Bucharest, Romania. His father, Emory Tate, was an international chess player; his mother, Eileen Tate, was a caterer.

He has one brother, Tristan, and a sister, Janine. At age 10, Andrew and his siblings moved to England with their mother after their parent’s divorce. 

Andrew attended Luton College in England. To support his family, he used to carry 80 pounds of fish into markets. Tristan and Janine played in the film Shipwrecked: The Island.

NameAndrew Tate
Other NamesTop GCobra TateKing Cobra
Date of BirthDecember 1, 1986,
Birth PlaceChicago., U.S.A.
Net Worth (2024)$710 Million
OccupationsKickboxer, Commentator, Businessman
ReligionFormer Christian(Converted to Islam)
GraduationLuton Sixth Form College
Current ResidentRomania
Height6 Feet 3 inch
Weight205 lb (93 kg)
ParentsEmory Tate, Eileen Tate
SiblingsTristan and Janine

The Rise of Andrew Tate

There was a time when Andrew had no money to eat correctly, but now he is earning a fortune. 

  1. Kickboxing:
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Andrew started his career as a kickboxer. He earned four ISKA world championships, the IKF British Cruiserweight championship, and one Enfusion championship. This sport made him famous with a loyal fanbase. In 2017, he retired from kickboxing.

  1. T2 Advertising:

In 2012, Andrew started T2 advertising online for small businesses. Over time, the business expanded and earned huge revenue. 

  1. Webcam business

This business was started by focusing on women earning through online mentoring. Though this business started all the controversies, a vast amount still comes from this source. 

  1. Romanian kickboxing organization

To extend the expertise and reputation of kickboxing, Andrew founded AKBS to promote kickboxing in Romania. This organization brings earnings from broadcasting, ticket sales, and sponsorships.

  1. Casinos

In Romania, the casino industry got a boost after Andrew’s investment. Huge revenues came through casino games, accommodation, food, and beverages. 

  1. Online courses

Platforms like “The Real World” and “Hustler’s University” generate significant numbers as Andrew offers different topics like lifestyle strategies, wealth growth, business, etc. The income mainly comes from subscription fees and product sales. 

  1. Online content:

Andrew has many followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. These audiences are helping him grow fame and money at the same time. Brand collaborations, product sales, sponsorships and advertising deals are done through this platform. 

  1. Other business:

He also has other businesses like cryptocurrency and real estate. Andrew also manages Onlyfans business and the Romanian MMA organization.

Controversies And Reports Of Romanian Authorities

  • In 2016, Andrew appeared in the reality show Big Brother. Later he was removed as he was accused of rape charge. 
  • In August 2023, Tate described himself as sexist and misogynistic openly. 
  • In late December 2022, Tate and his brother were arrested by Romanian police for charges of rape, being part of an international crime group, and human trafficking. In January, he lost his appeal and is currently under house arrest. 
  • In June 2023, the Romanian authorities published his actual wealth, which was worth nearly $12 million. 
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The assets include:

Assets Value 
21 bitcoin $588,000
15 cars$8 million
Real estate$2million
14 watchesNo estimate

In November 2023, in an interview with UK broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan, Tate claimed that Romanian took $17 million from him. Then, he denied the remaining assets by saying he lost them somewhere. 

Meanwhile, on October 23, 2022, this British American influencer claimed that he converted to Islam after a viral video on social media saw him praying in a mosque. 

On 4th March 2023, there was a rumor that Tate had a tumor on his lung, but later, it was denied. 

Andrew Tate’s Luxury Car Collection

Andrew Tate is also well-known for his luxury lifestyle, including a high-end car collection. While specific details about the current state of his collection can fluctuate over time, he has publicly shared and flaunted various luxury and high-performance vehicles across social media and in interviews.

  • Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – $3 Million
  • Koenigsegg Jesko Attack – $3 Million
  • Rimac Nevera -$2.2 million
  • McLaren 720S – $400,000
  • McLaren 765LT – $382,500
  • Rolls Royce Wraith – $380,000
  • Mercedes B63 Brabus (S63 Coupe) – $250,000
  • Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder – $230,000
  • Mercedes Maybach V-Class – $150,000
  • Bentley Continental GT – $250,000
  • Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – $316,000
  • Ferrari 458 Italia – $248,000
  • Aston Martin Valhalla – $800,000
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 4S – $140,250
  • Porsche GT4 RS – $149,100


This was all about Andrew Tate’s net worth in 2024 and his ups and downs. Do knock us for more information about other celebs and share your thoughts. Till then, stay safe, happy, and healthy.

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