Bob Does Sports Net Worth 2024: A Successful YouTuber

Bob Does Sports Net Worth

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Robby Berger has created a sports channel on YouTube called “Bob Does Sports”; its net worth as of 2024 is $50 million.

It is a YouTube channel with 283 videos to date. The journey began 2 years ago and now comes with 698K subscribers. This channel covers sports, golf and lifestyle.

This channel is famous for its host, Robby Berger, also known as Bobby Fairways. His writing talent has made him a prominent sports figure in the sports world. He has been covering different sports like golf, basketball, and football for a very long time. Now, he is the most experienced, knowledgeable, and entertaining voice in the sports media. 

What Is The Bob Does Sports Net Worth?

Bob Does Sports is earning an impressive amount through sports content. This channel has a large following on YouTube and collaborates with different brands. Robby also ventures his own sports accessories and sportswear. Dedication, hard work, and a business mind are crucial to success in this channel. Thanks to Robby and his mates. 

12024$50 Million++
22023$15 Million

Who Are The Crews Of Bob Does Sports

Bob Does Sports mainly got audiences hooked through golf content. The crew’s quick wit, good vibes, and entertainment make the sports channel enjoyable to watch.

The reality of this channel is that food is discussed more than golf. Bob loves bagels, and Caesar warps. He discusses his food and golf shots in a very entertaining tone. But this channel was focused on more than just golf.

It started with sports travel, events, and interviews with sports fans. When audiences loved the golf content more than any other sport, the crew focused on golf only. 

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Let’s know about the crews in short:


The captain of the ship. His real name is Robby Berger. He has many other nicknames, like Bobby Fairways, Big Game Bob, and Bobby Birdies.

He grew up in Randolph, NJ. His sports career started with baseball at FDU-Florham. He also worked in Mandarin Oriental in Miami and then in Los Angeles. His YouTube journey began with the BrilliantlyDumb show and then Bob Does Sports

Joey Cold Cuts:

He is a good friend of Bob. His real name is Joseph Demare. His nickname is Joe, cutesy, Joey Da, or Joey Cacti. 

Joey is mainly from Vancouver, Canada. He has dual citizenship. At first, he worked as a restaurant manager in Los Angeles, where he met Bob. Then, the friendship began, and it is still going on. He appeared in BrilliantlyDumb shows now and often. He also loves food and crushed ice. Golf is his favorite sport. 

Fat Perez:

The best man in the gang. He is the natural and best golf player in the gang. His real name is Nick Stubbe. He also has nicknames like Leland and FP. The name Fat Perez was encouraged by Pat Perez, the former PGA tour player. Fat grew up in Richmond, Virginia.

He started playing golf at division 2 at Hampden Sydney College, the University of Richmond and then at VCU. After graduation, he worked as an accountant and real estate manager. He met Bob and Joey in a Zoom meeting for brilliantly dumb Patreon supporters. From then, the three of them worked together.

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Binny The Jet:

The media person of this group. He is the cameraman and also the video producer of the channel. His real name is Benjamin Shicker. The nicknames Benjamin are the Jet, Binyamin, and Yamin.

This techy man grew up in Chicago. He works as a caddie from Kid at Bryn Mawr CC. The jet’s name was given for his quick video editing skills. He was with Bob from the beginning.

Big Ticket:

He also works as a video editor for this channel. His real name is Neil Arnet, and his nicknames are Tick and demo reel Neil. This man is a mystery. During high school, he spent most of his time in Chile, Thailand, Cambodia, and Peru. He worked as a whitewater rafting guide.

Bob Does Sports Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Bob Does Sport’s net worth was $15 Million. He makes most of his money from his social media. He’s known for his golf videos and has many fans who buy his products, like merchandise, courses, and services.

Bob Does Sports also sells online golf lessons and courses. He also makes money by working with golf brands and getting sponsorships. He also sells a wide range of accessories through his website, like t-shirts, hats, and golf gear.


What is Bob Does Sports’ real name?

Bob Does Sports is a renowned YouTube channel. Its real name is Robby Berger, who is the show’s owner, scriptwriter and host.

How much money does Bob Do Sports make?

It is not possible to determine a channel’s income precisely. But it is presumed that Bob Does Sports makes $39 daily. So, the approximate income of this channel can reach up to $112856 per year.

How much money does Good Good Golf make?

Many online sources say Good Good Golf makes $35–36 million yearly. They primarily earn from the YouTube. However, they have many partnership programs with many clothing and equipment brands.

Final Touch

Here is the summary of Bob Does Sport’s net worth. This channel is doing great -by giving helpful content in entertaining terms. Do share your thoughts and give us your honest review. Till then, stay happy and healthy.


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