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Justin Trudeau Net Worth

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s estimated net worth is $97 million.

Justin Trudeau is arguably one of the most powerful people in the world. He is the second youngest Prime Minister in the world. He is the current prime minister of Canada and has been the leader of the liberal party since 2013.

He has been the prime minister of Canada since November 2015. Besides his net worth, his annual salary is $379,000. He also earns millions more through his business ventures and investments. 

What Is Justin Trudeau’s Net Worth?

As Canada’s prime minister, he is considered one of the world’s wealthiest politicians. Gaining over $45 million in family assets in Canada. He owns $20 million worth of investments in government securities and real estate. Trudeau also holds $7 million worth of shares in global companies.

Laws in Canada may have prohibited Justin Trudeau from trading in stocks, but that never stopped him. Through indirect sources, he owned shares. By that, his stock portfolio grew by 47% each year, and for regular investors, it grew by 12%.  Experts believe that such an unusual growth rate is impossible without inside information.  

12024            $97 Million
22023$95 Million
32022$90 Million
42021$84 Million

What is The personality of Justin Trudeau?

Trudeau is known for his charismatic personality and social media presence. Often seen sharing various fun moments from his personal and professional life. 

He also supports free trade. Trudeau works to maintain and establish trade agreements, including the USMCA and CPTPP. For climate change, he has advocated for action against it. Committing Canada to the Paris Agreement targets.

Justin Trudeau is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. He has also implemented policies to support the LGBTQ+ community and marching in parades. 

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As Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau continues navigating Canada through various global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. Assisting economic recovery and international relations. 

Justin Trudeau’s Real Age and Biography

Justin Trudeau was born in Canada in 1971. He is now 52. He can speak fluently in English and French as he was raised in a bilingual family.

NameJustin Pierre James Trudeau
NicknameJustin Trudeau
WifeSophie Grégoire ​(M. 2005; Sep. 2023)
Date of BirthDecember 25, 1971
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Net Worth (2024)$97 Million
Occupations23rd Prime Minister of Canada
GraduationMcGill UniversityUniversity of British Columbia.
Social MediaInstagram, LinkedIn and X
Height6 Feet 2-inch

Justin Trudeau’s Education

Trudeau was born in Ottawa. He attended college Jean-de-Brebeauf where he was excellent in many subjects like public speaking, drama and debate. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature, in 1994, he graduated from McGill University. 

Also, in 1988, he acquired a Bachelor of Education degree from the well-renowned University of British Columbia. After graduation, he taught at the secondary school level in Vancouver. In 2002, he relocated back to Montreal to further his studies.

Social Life of Justin Trudeau

Despite the busy schedule of being a Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is very active on many social media platforms. He regularly posts his work-related photos on social media. On every platform, he has a huge fan base and followers.

  • He has 2,516 posts and 4.1M followers on Instagram.
  • On X(Twitter), he has 6.5M followers.
  • On Facebook, he has 8.6M followers.
  • On LinkedIn, he has 5.4M+ followers.

Justin Trudeau’d Life Before Becoming Prime Minister

Trudeau is the second-youngest prime minister in Canadian history after Joe Clark. As the oldest son of Pierre Trudeau, he is also the first to be the child of a previous holder of the post.

  • After completing his studies and becoming a priming minister, he was chair for the youth charity Katimavik.
  • He was also director of the not-for-profit Canadia Avalanche Association.
  • On youth Renewal, he was appointed as chair of the Liberal Party’s Task Force in 2006. 
  • In the 2008 federal election, in the House of Commons, he was elected to represent the riding of Papineau.
  • In 2009, he was the Liberal Party’s Official Opposition critic for youth and multiculturalism. 
  • During the following year, in 2010, he became a critic of citizenship and immigration.
  • In 2011, he was appointed as a  critic for secondary education and sport. 
  • He led his party to victory in the 2015 federal election before moving the third-placed liberals from 36 seats to 184 seats in April 2013.
  • It was the largest-ever numerical increase by a party in a Canadian federal Election. 
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Justin Trudeau’s Political Career

Justin Trudeau’s career continues to evolve, and his legacy will be shaped by the outcomes of his policies and the future direction of Canada under his leadership.

Early Days

Justin was born in 1971 and grew up in a family always discussing politics. He went to school and became a teacher, teaching kids French and math. This was before he decided to get more involved in politics.

Stepping into Politics

In 2008, Justin decided to run for a job in the Canadian government as an MP (Member of Parliament) for an area called Papineau in Quebec. As for the fact he won, and this was the start of his political career. Because he was young, in fact people liked him very well. ; also due to the fact he could speak English and french very well. 

Become the Leader

In 2013, something big happened: Justin became the leader of the Liberal Party. Since he was already really popular, he got a lot of votes. As the leader, he wanted to strengthen the party again and focus on important things. He helped many families and for other important stuff. 

Prime Minister Time

In 2015, Justin’s party won many seats in the government because Canadians voted in a big election. This made him the Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, Justin has worked on a lot of projects, like making laws to protect the environment and helping people from other countries come to Canada safely. One important thing he did was try to establish gender equality better so that women and men get equal treatment.

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Challenges and Mistakes

Like various other leaders, Justin has faced tough times and made mistakes. On a few times, people questioned his decisions, like when he and his family went on a vacation that caused a lot of talks or when there was a big discussion about a charity and the government’s money. These moments were tricky for him.

What He’s Known For

Justin Trudeau is known for wanting to include everyone and ensuring Canada is a friendly place for people from other countries. Ensuring Canada is a friendly place for people from other countries is something he ensures, and he talks a lot about caring for the planet.

What’s Next

Justin is still working as Prime Minister and has lots of plans for Canada. People are watching to see what he does next, how he handles big problems, and what changes he makes. Even though not everyone always agrees with him, he’s a big part of Canada’s story right now.


What is Justin Trudeau’s net worth?

As of 2024, Justin Trudeau is an prime minister of Canada who has a net worth of $97 million. additionally he has to an annual salary of $379,000, Trudeau earns millions more through his investments and business ventures.

How much is the salary of Canadian prime minister?

As is the prime minister’s total annual compensation of $357,800 (consisting of an the Prime Minister’s salary of $178,900 and the PM’s salary of $178,900).

Where is Justin Trudeau’s home?

PM’s Justin Trudeau has been living in the house on the grounds of Rideau Hall, the Governor General’s residence, since he came into office.


That’s all about one of the greatest investors and the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Despite a busy schedule, his humble nature fascinated everyone. If you have any queries about other celebrities, please let us know. Our team will provide you with the best possible and honest answer.


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