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Parker Conrad’s net worth, as of 2024, is $1.8 billion.

Parker Conrad is mostly known for his entrepreneurial success. He was the co-founder and CEO of Zenefits which is used for managing employees. The success of Zenefits earned him a staggering amount of money. 

Despite having controversies in his career, his brilliance makes him one of the richest CEOs in the business. His work on employee management gained him the fortune he owns. By co-founding Zenefits followed by Rippling he offered a cloud-based human resources platform for the businesses. 

Parker Conrad Net Worth 2024

Parker Conrad is a talented and visionary entrepreneur. His start-up Zenefits that offers health insurance management for the employees of a company surprisingly took off and made a huge impact. As a CEO of the fastest growing start-up in 2014, he earns most of his money with his share of the company.

12024          $1.8 Billion
22023$900 Million

Parker Conrad: America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40

Parker Conrad is a prominent name among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. He brings a revolution in the approach to employee benefits.

He founded the start-up Zenefits in 2013. In 2016, he co-founded Rippling, which is just like Zenefits but is better in some ways. Zenefits made Parker Conrad one of the richest CEOs in the USA after he left that company. That is when he gained attention from the media and all. 

Parker Conrad’s Real Age and Biography

Parker Conrad was born in New York City, USA in 1980. He is 44 years old. He studied at Harvard University and had a degree in chemistry. At first, he pursued his career in his field. But being an ambitious person, founded a company later for the health benefits of employees. After that he never has to look back. 

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NameParker Conrad
WifeAlexandra Conrad
Date of Birth1980
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Net Worth (2024)1.8 billion
OccupationsEntrepreneur and CEO of Rippling
GraduationHarvard University
Social MediaLinkedIn, X
Height5 Feet 6 inch
WeightApprox. 75 kg (165 lbs.)

Parker Conrad’s Early Life

Parker Conrad’s mother is Ellen Rouse Conrad who founded the environmental organization Bedford. His father is Winthrop B. Conrad. He is now a retired senior partner at the New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell. 

Parker Conrad married Alexandra Macrae in 2011. She has an MBA degree from Stanford University. Her father was a freelance journalist who specialized in banking, finance and investments. 

Parker Conrad’s Educational Background

Parker started his studies at Harvard in 1998. Finished his studies in 2003 with a degree in chemistry. He had a one-year gap due to his stressful editorial work at the Harvard Crimson.

Despite having a mediocre result in high school, Parker managed to join Harvard for incredible research work in a neuroscience lab. This research won him 20000 dollars and eventually helped him to start up his own company later.

Parker Conrad Career Profile

Parker Conrad’s journey from a mediocre student to a world-famous entrepreneur is a story worth telling. It can be an inspiration to many.

  • His first breakthrough came from his work in a neuroscience laboratory. That won him third place across the nation and 20,000 dollars as a scholarship. This also helped him find a spot at Harvard University.  
  • He acted as an editor at the Harvard Crimson and finished study with a degree in chemistry.
  • At the age of 24, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He got treatment and got rid of it. During his cancer treatment, he learned about health insurance policies that helped him start his company Zenefits later. 
  • After graduation, he worked in a biotech firm called Amgen. He was quite sharp in his work.
  • In 2007, he moved to San Francisco with his college friend to start a company named Wikinvest, now known as Sigfig. He was kicked out of that company by his friends later.
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The Foundation of Zenefits

During his cancer days he learned about the American health-care system. That gave him the idea to work with health insurance. So, Parker started Zenefits. 

  • Zenefits is a cloud-based human resources platform that provides necessary assistance to take care of employee health insurance. 
  • His idea took the industry by storm. It was once nominated as the fastest-growing start-up of the year. 
  • After having enormous success there was some downfall. There were allegations of insurance fraud against Zenefits. And Parker has to leave the company eventually.

What Happened After Zenefits?

Though there were some allegations and Parker had to move, he successfully sold out his shares with a gigantic amount of money. That made him one of the richest CEOs in the USA.

After leaving Zenefits, he co-founded another company named Rippling. It is a similar company to Zenefits. But there are some improvements this time.

Up till now, Rippling is valued at 11.2 billion dollars by investors. And Parker Conrad is continuing his journey as the CEO of Rippling.

Parker Conrad Compound Startup

“Compound startups,” as proposed by Parker Conrad, the CEO of Rippling, challenge the conventional wisdom that startups should solve one specific problem. Rather, it suggests that multi-product approaches that address a large, complex problem from multiple angles have a better chance for success.

A compound startup such as Rippling integrates HR, IT, and finance under a single platform. It utilizes employee data to enhance functionality across various operations. Unlike a focused start-up, this method does not focus on making one product or solution.

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Parker Conrad’s Success Story

Parker has seen ups and downs in his life. But he never collapsed and stayed strong in his worst days. He can be an inspiration to many. Using the lessons, you can turn your fortune forever.

And also learn to grab opportunities. When President Obama changed health benefits policy, Parker grabbed the opportunity to start a successful company. With his utmost brilliance, he rose to the top. 

  • Started Zenefits with 20,000 US dollars from his scholarships.
  • Left Zenefits with 10 million dollars from his share.
  • Present Company Rippling evaluated 11.3 billion in 2022


That’s all about the former CEO of Zenefits, Parker Conrad. If you have any queries about other celebrities, please let us know. Our team will provide you with the best possible and honest answer.


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