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Yunha Kim Net Worth

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Yunha Kim Net Worth, as of 2024, is worth $15 million.

Yunha Kim is the owner and CEO of the award-winning app “Simple Habit,” which promises to give relief from daily stress. A former investment banker started her own app Locket, which is used for lock screens in smartphones in 2013.

In 2015, she sold the app to Wish company after raising $3.2 million. Then, she started to develop the popular five-minute meditation app, “The Simple Habit.” The annual revenue is almost $1.5 million. Later, in 2022, Yunha announced another product, Sleep Reset, which is the world’s first personalized and digital sleep clinic.

All her achievements brought her honor, such as being on the Forbes 30 under 30 list as consumer technology in 2017. She is also featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and ‘most influential women in tech’ by Fast Company. 

What is Yunha Kim’s Net Worth

Yunha’s business career started in 2013 with the creation of the Locket app. She worked as the CEO of the company till 2015, when the app was sold to the Wish company.

While studying for her MBA, workload and stress pushed Yunha to start her second business, Simple Habit, the stress relief app in 2016. After a grand success with this award-winning app, in 2022, there is another Yunha product in the market, The Sleep Reset. 

Yunha Kim’s Net Worth Timeline

SLNet WorthYear
12024$15 million
22023$12 million
32022$10 million

Early life of Yunha Kim

At the age of 14, Yunha came to San Francisco, California, from Korea with family to start a new life. She didn’t even know how to speak English then.

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For high school, she went to the Oregon Episcopal School and graduated from Duke University in 2011, majoring in Chinese and Economics.

She did internships at McKinsey & Co. and the United Nations. She also worked as an investor banking analyst at Jefferies & Company.

NameYunha Kim
Date of BirthJune 11, 1989
Zodiac SignGemini
Birth PlaceKorea
Lived InSan Francisco, California, USA
Net Worth (2024)$15 Million
OccupationsFounder and CEO of Simple Habit
NationalityKorean, American
EducationDuke UniversityDrop Out, Stanford University
Social MediaInstagram, Linkedin, Medium, X, Facebook

Yunha Kim’s Husband

Yunha’s husband is Eddie Kim. They were both San Fransisco-based entrepreneurs. In August 2014, they first met at coffee. Since then, they have been friends at work.

After 2 years, Eddie asked her out to be involved in a romantic relationship. After five years together, Eddie prepared an elaborate proposal plan. He bought a 27-acre land in Petaluma, California, and planted a tricolor beech tree there, symbolizing a significant moment in their lives.

On May 11, 2019, he proposed to Yunha at this special location. Following her acceptance, they celebrated with a surprise engagement party in San Francisco, secretly organized by Eddie.

Later on, on May 21, 2022, the couple got married. Elise Johnson of Shannon Leahy Events planned that event.

The Career of Yunha Kim

Yunha started making money with a great job but needed to be more generous to do something alone. Then in 2013, she left her job and launched the Locket app for smartphone lock screen. After raising $3.2 million, she sold it to an e-commerce company in 2015.

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Meanwhile, Kim was super stressed about the workload. She then turned to meditation. It was then she had the idea of a stress relief app. Then, the “Simple Habit” app was launched. For this app, she was recognized by Forbes and received a Google Play award. Now, she is working with a new app – Sleep Reset. 

Social Media Life of Yunha Kim

Despite her busy schedule and workload, Yunha is active on social media. Her Insta account has 84 posts and 1,520 followers. She shares her moment with her family and beloved dog on the id.

She has a LinkedIn account, where she has more than 18.2K connections. She is very active and popular there.  She shares her achievements and professional activities on that account.

She has a writing habit. She writes blogs in Medium. Basically, she writes about her work-related article and her personal experience as a female business owner. She tries to educate her readers about startups and advise them about different situations in business and how to handle them properly.

On her X (Twitter) account, she has more than 3K followers. She shares her professional life activities on her X account. She likes to connect with her followers by posting her every activity so no one will miss anything.

Shark Tank Incident

Yunha decided to go to Shark Tank Season 9 in 2017 to secure more investments for Simple Habit. There, she asked for $600K for 5%. At that time, the app earned $750K yearly with 500K users and 5K paid subscribers.

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But Kim represented that the app was bringing $500K of the $2.8 million fund. It is then that things get wrong. The judges got baffled and started harassing her by calling her a gold digger and publicity seeker. Initially, two judges made a joint offer of $600K for 20%, but Yunha refused.

After the episode, miraculously, the app got a popularity boost and gained $12.8 million from different big investors like Foundation Capital, YCombinator, and New Enterprise Associates.

Simple Habit Net Worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Before the Shark Tank:

Yunha Kim launched Simple Habit with the lofty ambition of creating a meditation app for busy people before appearing on Shark Tank. The Sharks were approached for financing to help the firm increase its operations and expand its user base. At the time of its presentation, Simple Habit was valued at $12 million, showing its potential in the competitive health and meditation app industry.

After the Shark Tank:

The Shark Tank did not fund Simple Habit. However, its net value fluctuated due to the show’s exposure. Showing a brief decline, the company’s net worth was estimated at $4.5 million.

Simple Habit and Yunha Kim experienced a tremendous turnaround, showing determination and the capacity to bounce back. Yunha Kim’s net worth is expected to reach more than $20 million by 2024.

This path shows Simple Habit’s ability to handle hurdles while capitalizing on its strengths to improve its market position and value.


Who is the owner of the Simple Habit app?

Yunha Kim is the owner of the app “The Simple Habit.”

How much is Simple Habit worth?

As of 2024, Simple Habit, the meditation app, has over $20 million net worth. This valuation results from the app’s significant growth and development.

The Final Thought

Yunha Kim is an inspirational female entrepreneur of the modern day. She is focused on her career and very much determined about her goal. She balances her family and profession very cleverly. So, people around the world who want to be entrepreneurs can follow her to learn business lessons.


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