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Zach Weinreb net worth

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Zach Weinreb’s net worth, as of 2024, is $175 million.

Zach Weinreb is a well-known businessman living in New York. He is quite an established character in the Music and entertainment industry. He is also the founder of the Spritz Society. Working in the music industry, he helped musicians like Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, and Akon to be successful. 

He married a social media influencer, Jakie Oshry, a successful lady in her field. Together, they are one of the most successful couples in the entertainment industry. 

Zach Weinreb Net Worth Summary

Zach Weinreb has multiple strings of income. As a successful person in the entertainment industry, he mainly earns his fortune from several contracts, his management ability, and his creative contributions to notable companies.

Jackie Orshy with Zach Weinreb has lots of followers on social media. Those huge fan followers have a big impact on their income. Zach Weinreb is currently worth approximately 175 million dollars. 

12024$175 Million
22023$100 Million

Introducing Zach Weinreb

Zachary Weinreb is the son of David Weinreb and Karen Shosid Weinreb. If the name “Weinreb” rings a bell in your mind, this family is associated with the Howard Hughes Corporation.

It was an oil drilling company in Texas that also dealt with other real estate-like businesses. Zach’s father David is a co-founder of that company and also served as its CEO.

Zach Weinreb worked here as the vice president of the creative strategy. After that, Zach founded the Spritz Society.

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If any of these don’t ring a bell, then you may know Zach as Jakie Orshy’s husband. She is an online personality and podcaster known for her podcast, “The Morning Toast.” Marrying Jakie Orshy made Zach Weinreb somewhat famous. 

Zach Weinreb Biography

Zach Weinreb was born in Blaine, Kentucky, on April 18, 2002. His family was established and quite famous already for their business. 

NameZachary Weinreb
ParentsDavid Weinreb, Karen Shosid Weinreb
WifeJakie Orshy
Date of BirthMay 2, 1990
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, USA
Net Worth (2024)$175 Million
OccupationsRadio jockey, Manager, Creative strategist, Social media influencer, and Entrepreneur
GraduationUniversity Of Southern California
Current ResidentNew York, USA
Social MediaLinkedIn, Instagram, and X
Height5 Feet 8 inch
WeightApprox. 75 kg (163 lbs.)

Zachary Weinreb Education

Zach graduated from the University Of Southern California with a BA degree in 2012. His major was communication and a double minor in entrepreneurship and the music industry.

While in the university, Weinreb was a part of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. He also held various other roles. He was involved in the “4 The Kids” Fall Philanthropy, where he managed to raise $20,000 alongside Pete Carrol’s foundation, “A Better LA.”

Besides, he worked as an intern at several companies. At first, he was a marketing intern. Then, he worked as a Sports Radio Broadcaster at KXSC Los Angeles Radio. He also worked for the Recording Academy. His portfolio was already heavy before leaving university.

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Zachary Weinreb Career

Zach started his career working in different sectors. He started his quest quite early in his life. As a minor student of music and entertainment, he tried his luck in the music and entertainment business.

  • He got a chance to co-host the radio show SOS (Sports on Saturday) on KXSC and worked there for two years.
  • After that, he joined The Recording Academy. After finishing his internship there, he acted as a Grammy U representative.
  • After graduating, he tried to focus more on his creative side. He started creative A&R work with Jeff Vaughn at Atlantic Records.
  • He co-founded a private label design company, Alexander Paul, in 2011. For two years, he had been its creative director.
  • His portfolio was boosted working in the legal side of the entertainment business while working with attorney David Helfant for two years.
  • As his experience was reaching high, he started as a creative strategist in iHeartMedia from 2014 to 2017.
  • After all these years, Zach finally came to his family-owned company, the Howard Hughes Corporation in 2018.
  • He started as the senior director of creative strategy and innovation and became VP of creative strategy in 2020.
  • Now, he is the acting CEO of his self-founded company, Spritz Society. His career is undoubtedly something worth celebrating. 

Jakie Orshy And Zachary Weinreb’s Relationship

Zack Weinreb is an established businessman. He got engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Jakie Orshy, in 2018. Zach proposed Orshy with a beautiful arrangement.

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The video was uploaded on Jackie’s YouTube channel. It was shared and viewed so many times by their fans. The couple got married on February 17, 2019, in an extravagant winter wonderland-esque wedding.

Jackie announced her pregnancy on social media. And ensure her followers that she and Weinreb are expecting their first child. A pregnancy and gender reveal video was shared on The Morning Toast‘s Patreon channel.

She gave birth to a son, Henry on February 13, 2022. Together they made quite a sweet couple. It seems they are still enjoying themselves and helping each other to lead the way to success in each working area.


Who are the hosts of the toast?

Claudia and Jackie Oshry both are the hosts of the toast.

Who is the Oshry family?

The delightful Claudia, the radiant Jackie, the charming Olivia, and the enchanting Margo Oshry. Together, this family crafted a story filled with love, laughter, and the magic that only the Oshry bond could bring.

When did Zach Weinreb get married?

On February 17, 2019 Zach Weinreb married his girlfriend Jackie Oshry at the Taj Pierre Hotel in New York City.


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