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Wayne Rothbaum Net Worth

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Wayne Rothbaum net worth, as of 2024, is $2.9 billion.  His career was first described in the book published in 2023, “For Blood and Money: Billionaires, Biotech and the Quest for a Blockbuster Drug”.

Wayne Rothbaum is well known for insightful investments and successful ventures in various business sectors. He is the president of Quogue Capital, which focuses on investing and supporting small to midcap life sciences companies.

He also holds important posts in different farms as the executive chair of two cancer drug firms, Kartos Pharma and Telios Pharma and board member and largest shareholder of biotech firm Iovance.

Wayne Rothbaum’s Net Worth Summary

Once an investment banker, Wayne Rothbaum made a huge impact in the business world. He founded the Quogue Capital LLC, a life science investment fund in 2001. He also has been working as president there since.

120242.9 billion 
22023216 million 
320221.22 million
420181 million 

Who is Wayne Rothbaum?

In the biotechnology world, Wayne  Rothbaum is known as a billionaire legend but interestingly, he is a ghost in the online world. Because he maintains a low profile on social media.

In 1964, he was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey. He graduated in business administration from Bucknell University. He started his career on Wall Street and then with different firms like Company, Oppenheimer and Lehman Brothers. His hard work paid off as he became managing director in just a few years. 

Wayne Rothbaum Wiki and Biography

Wyane is known as an under-the-radar specialized trader of biotechnology stocks. Still, he is a mystery to many as he has less information online and even has no photograph. You can say he is more like a ghost.  Here is some information about this business legend

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Name Wayne Rothbaum
Age 59
Category healthcare
Year of birth1964
Wealth sourceInvestor
Net worth$2.9 billion
Residence Delray Beach, Florida
Citizenship United States
Marital statusMarried
Children 3
Education George Washington UniversityState University of New York at BinghamtonBucknell University

Wayne Rothbaum Family

Though Wayne does not maintain any social media, there are some interesting and less known facts about this entrepreneur. 

He is a family man who balances his professional and personal life properly. He spends lots of quality time with his family whenever he can. He loves to eat, especially gourmet cuisine. 

Wayne loves to travel a lot professionally and personally. Exploring new destinations and discovering new cultures are his passion.

Wayne Rothbaum Wife

Though he has a successful career, he is not active in social media. He didn’t talk much about his wife or children. So, his wife’s name is not disclosed on the internet.

Wayne Rothbaum’s Educational Background

Wayne is a well-educated person. He has completed his Master of Arts from George Washington University. He got his  Bachelor of Arts/Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He also completed Business Administration at Bucknell University.

Wayne Rothbaum’s Passion for Sports and Philanthropy

We all know Wayne as a great businessman but he has a deep passion for sports. As a result, he has invested in various sports teams and has a huge personal collection of jerseys, baseballs, vintage sports equipment and the list goes on. 

Interestingly, Wayne is a dedicated philanthropist. He has donated lots to educational institutes, medical research institutes, and different development projects. He also supports veterans’ organizations and serves the families of veterans who have sacrificed their lives. 

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A Strong Supporter of Women in Business

Wayne Rothbaum is committed to encouraging gender equality and diversity in business possibilities. He is actively involved in investing in female-led businesses and startups. The goal of his efforts is to close the gap between men and women, as well as make a more inclusive space for individuals with diverse skills.

He takes part in conferences and other events that focus on female leadership as well as entrepreneurialism. He aims to be an influencer, fostering an environment where women are able to achieve their goals and change the world of business significantly.

Wayne Rothbaum’s Success Story

He founded Quogue Capital in 2003 and since then, this private investment firm has been earning a fortune. It managed 1 billion assets and huge success. By this time, Wayne had also invested in different other industries like technology, healthcare and real estate.

Recently, Wayne has also ruled in the sports world as he purchased Major League baseball’s Miami Marlins for over 1 billion dollars by his investor group. He is also leading the bids to purchase different professional sports teams including the NBA’s Houston Rockets. 

As a shrewd investor, Wayne understands investing very clearly. He supports young entrepreneurs with talents and guides them with full mentorship to reach their goals. He knows when and where to invest, especially in markets and technologies. 

  • He served as the co-founder and largest investor of Acerta Pharma. Wayne also led the biotechnology practice at the Carson group.
  • He cofounded Kartos Pharma in 2016 and Telios Pharma in 2019 and now he is chair of executive of these two cancer drug firms.
  • Wayne restructured the biotech firm Iovance, and he is the largest shareholder and board member of this firm.
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Wayne Rothbaum’s House

Rothbaum is the owner of Quogue Capital. It is a luxurious NY-based venture capital firm.


Who is Wayne Rothbaum?

Wayne Rothbaum is a private equity investor and businessman. However, He is a co-founded and was the Executive Chairman of Acerta Pharma, a private life sciences company he later sold to AstraZeneca. 

What is Wayne Rothbaum Net Worth?

Wayne Rothbaum is a co-founded and was the Executive Chairman of Acerta Pharmanet who has worth of $2.9 billion.

What is Wayne Rothbaum Age?

Born 1964, Delray Beach, Florida, USA


This is all about the business legend, Wayne Rothbaum. If you want to know more about other celebrities then do let us know. We will try to gather as much information as possible.


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